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SlashAuth provides authentication, token gating, and authorization for web3 apps. Get started in less than 15 minutes.
If you're a developer looking to get started with SlashAuth, head over to our Guide or check out our Walkthrough Video.
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SlashAuth provides login with wallet and token gating for web3 apps. We help you build a more secure and better user experience for gated web3 content.

Why does this matter?

In the Web3 world, no common standard for auth exists yet. This leads to either a lack of gated content and thus lowest common denominator user experience, or a homegrown solution. The homegrown solution proves suboptimal because it tends to be feature poor and requires a lot of developer time and maintenance.

How do apps do this today?

Today, almost all apps handle login and token gating in one of two ways:

Option #1: Don't gate content

Product developers skip actual gating because it's complicated and an MVP can be "good enough". They opt to add a simple wallet connect library to their site and are comfortable showing gated content to anyone who connects a wallet.
The problem is this method is easily defeated. Javascript web3 plugins grab a wallet string from a window-scoped variable that any chrome plugin can override. Someone could pretend to be Vitalik on your website with 2 lines of code.

Option #2: Roll your own

Developers who want to provide more security will roll their own auth. They follow standards such as EIP-4361 or copy an existing flow such as OpenSea. This breaks the common adage of Don't Roll Your Own Auth.

SlashAuth provides auth

Just like our name says, we do auth. With less than 15 minutes of work you can have authentication and token gating hooked up in your app. Don't believe us? Check out the Guide!