React Functions

This page will include a table of all react functions from the SlashAuth react package.
Function Name
Returns account information.
Checks to see if a user has session.
Connect a wallet to your dApp.
Returns the connectedWallet string.
Decodes the ID token and returns the parsed claims.
Role Metadata is data that is attached to a role. This allows developers to store a JSON object and retrieve it for specific roles.
This function returns a user's access token.
Checks if a user has the role for an organizationID and roleName.
Checks if a user has the role for a roleName.
Returns a boolean on whether SlashAuth is initialized.
Returns a boolean on whether the user is authenticated (are they logged in).
Returns a boolean on whether SlashAuth is loading. This happens before it is initialized.
Function to logout users from the app.
Function that renders the DropDown component in the provided Div.
Function that renders the SignIn component inside of the provided Div and allows for options to be passed in.
Function that opens the SignIn component.
Customization of the sign in modal appearance.